Start ’em up here!   A friend suggested that rolling my life and times in music and lutherie, and writing it up into a blog would be a great way to pull all the elements of my lengthy book project into one place where I might get some feedback, some questions, and get some editing done.  So here it comes.  Some will be raw, some will be edited, and I hope it will all be of interest to friends old and new.  Please do not expect linearity!   Author and songstress Sylvie Simmons relieved me of that burden by saying that memoirs need not be chronological while a biography should be.  So what will come will contain memoirs, to be sure, but also a fair amount of technical writing…and extension of the many columns and articles I’ve written in the past for Guitar Player, Bass Player, Acoustic Guitar, Premier Guitar, Guitar World Acoustic, American Lutherie, and other publications.

I do welcome questions and suggestions for topics.  I cannot promise to be timely about any of this; FaceBook is more useful for quick quips and (I almost hate to say it…) some of my snarky comments.  The blog format will allow me more extended commentary.  Bear in mind that I do have a pretty extensive backlog of writing to extract from various computer hard drives.

A word about the soft focus photo up top…in the foreground is the jumbo acoustic guitar I made for Henry Kaiser for his first Antarctic venture; the uke is my “go-to” instrument these days…an all-figured koa “Compass Rose” tenor that I play in “Uke Ellington”; the banjo to the left is a 1922 Paramount Style C which I gave to my son, Eli, for his birthday a couple of years ago.


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